Thursday, March 28, 2013


Willi supposes that nearly everyone by now understands that the acronym LGBT is meant as a shorthand for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual, nearly all the states of sexuality common in this world today. Some more common than others. Of course they left out the Straights since they're a dime a dozen anyway. And that's OK.

Once, in his peculiar fashion, no doubt infused with drink, he wondered to himself: why do the Lesbians get to go first in the list? So he went to the other end of the bar and asked a gay guy that he knew—he once knew a few lesbians, probably a better source, but they seem to have drifted away—about this matter that seemed urgent to him at the time. The reply was that "women come first," it's only polite. And that seemed to settle the matter satisfactorily. It's nice to know that even in this modern era, class will tell. It is the small things that count.

The point of this post however is a different one. One that Willi knows well and does not regret. And that is that there is another classification, another category that has been overlooked. Willi didn't voluntarily join this class; it just seemed to happen. He slid into it gradually, unknowingly, and quietly.

Perhaps you noticed the P at the end of the title of the post, probably you thought it was a typo. It wasn't. It stands for a class that seems to Willi more and more overlooked and that class own is Postsexual. It is a comfortable state, calm and tranquil. It reminds one distinctly of the feelings one had before all that testosterone settled in some time just before the teens. Of course that condition might easily be called Presexual, thus getting two for the price of one so to speak.

So let's hear it for LGBTP, and Willi would like anyone that's making signs to hold up in front of television cameras, whatever the cause, to get that P on the end.

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