Saturday, March 16, 2013

The FUQ Department

Willi has decided on a change, or addition, to his blog, modernizing it so to speak. The first thing to say about this new department is that it is not what you think it is—those of you of scurrilous mind—you know you are. No, its meaning is simply this: the Electronic Media is full of topics intended to assist you in finding out how to use some arcane bit of software or a hardware device, something for which there are absolutely no intelligible instructions and people are forced to ask, if they're able to find a path to do so, just how to do something or other. These are then published by the developers or manufacturers as a sort of poor man's instruction booklet. These questions have quite naturally come to be known as Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ's.

Willi's new FUQ department is similar in a manner of speaking, but different: it is concerned with Frequently Unasked Questions, or FUQ's. Sometimes it can stand for Frequently Unanswered Questions. It seems to him that FUQ's are in many ways more important than FAQ's, more subtle perhaps, yet more important for all of that.

This wide ranging and far reaching department will attempt to expose the numerous deficiencies that he finds to be slowly eating away at good and useful reportage—or anything else that the department can plunder for useful purposes. He supposes that it might have been called The Curmudgeon Department; he is after all 79 years old and one ought to expect these things at his age, but somehow that title didn't have as much zing to it, and zing is an important thing.

Stay tuned.

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